Tai Chi Exercises and Health and Fitness Careers Overview

An overview of Tai Chi Exercises:

If you are researching Tai Chi for the very first time, we would like to firstly welcome you to the wonderful world of this ancient martial art form and hope that you find the information you are looking for from this website (we are sure you will!).

Perhaps you are looking for a fitness career opportunity or a personal trainer course?

If so, you are certainly with the majority as there are many people looking for personal training courses and fitness jobs that enable them to maintain a healthy lifestyle with plenty of tai chi whilst also getting paid for it! For more information about fitness careers, be sure to take a look at this helpful personal training courses guide.

If you are more interested in finding out about tai chi as a form of exercise, read on!

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People participate in Tai Chi exercises for a range of reasons and it is renowned as a fantastic way to deliver the following health benefits;

  • Stress relief: This ancient art is probably most commonly known for its ability to deliver calmness and relaxation for participants. This is one of the foundational aspects of China’s ancient martial art forms.
  • Dealing with anxiety: The routines involved are targeted towards relaxation and therefore are well-known to relieve stress and help people to deal with anxiety issues.
  • Weight loss: Although the slow movements and low-intensity of the art form would at first not appear conducive to weight loss, low impact and controlled exercise is a great way to get yourself fit and healthy and you would be surprised at how many pounds you can shed through the exercise movements. You can certainly look to join a popular gym, or purchase a piece of home exercise equipment as well, but it is as effective as anything over a sustained period of time.
  • Arthritis: Renowned expert, Dr. Lam has put together a fantastic Tai Chi for Arthritis program that is jam-packed with instruction videos on the best exercises for relieving arthritis.
  • Injury prevention: A lot of people are forced to pay money for healing aids and devices that relieve pain and inflammation because they are generally un-well. Tai chi can help.
  • Diabetes: Exercise of all forms is endorsed as a way to manage diabetes and Tai Chi is endorsed as one of the top ways to manage diabetes.

The list of health and well-being benefit goes on and on, but those are the top benefits that you can expect to achieve through a Tai Chi exercise program.


This is an ancient Chinese martial art form. It is also known as T’ai Chi Ch’uan which when translated, means “great extremes boxing” which represents that fusion of slow movements and martial arts.

There are five elements of Tai Chi Chuan:

Taolu – which is form that incorporates weapons and swords
Sanshou – this form focuses on self defence and related techniques
Tuishou – routines are formulated around response drills
Neigong and Gigong – The form that is most aligned to meditation

Modern Tai Chi:

Although a form of martial arts with much tradition, the art form has certainly evolved over time. Whereas it was very much aligned to martial arts and certain forms were taught strictly in accordance with those ancient beliefs, modern-day Tai Chi has increased in popularity for a number of the overall health benefits it can deliver.

Today, you tend to find that individuals either perform Tai Chi for the self-defense aspect or for the health benefits.

The majority of classes in gyms and fitness studios teach Tai Chi to participants purely interested in using it for such things as stress management, weight loss and fitness.

Those individuals that are interested in the self-defense and martial art form take part in the form of Tai Chi that is often promoted as Wushu.

Baby Boomers and Tai Chi:

The past two decades has seen a huge increase in participation from baby boomers and older adults, largely due to it’s reputation of being a low-intensity and “joint friendly” form or stress-relieving physical exercise.

Tai Chi Exercises Explained:

The are many forms of Tai Chi and the range of exercises and adaptations of the ancient form are ever-evolving. Nowadays, there are numerous forms available.

In essence, the exercises are simply a collection of movements that are typically performed at a very slow pace. They are referred to as forms and there are hundreds to learn.

Some of the forms take over an hour, whilst others are a single movement or pose. The moves and postures are all about exercising with balanced and coordinated movements with controlled and purposeful breathing.

Despite the majority of the forms being made up of an array of motions and movements, the most common way to learn is by completing individual movements or postures and then gradually combining them into a longer form.

Below are some videos that demonstrate some of the most common forms.

Beijing 24

Tai Chi Beginners Short Form ~ Traditional Yang Style

Taiji: Compact Tai Chi

Tai Chi – Chen Style 19 Step Short Form

Tai Chi Sword Form 32 Yang Taiji Jian

Tai Chi For Arthritis

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